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Don’t Be Everything, Be Better

A contract opportunity recently came into my inbox. The contract requirements read as follows: Qualifications & Skills I turned down this opportunity. I do not strive to be everything. I only strive to be better. It’s not humanly possible to meet the requirements of this job.

Data Structures & Algorithms – Team Building for Devs

https://www.meetup.com/hudson-codecraft/events/292179279 Improve your confidence and coding abilities in this team building exercise as we pair up, virtually, to compete in Leetcode’s weekly Data Structures and Algorithms contest. To sign up for the contest prior to the event, go to: https://leetcode.com/contest/weekly-contest-336/

Web Design & SEO

In every state in the United States of America, you must be licensed before you can cut someone’s hair. Unfortunately, there are no laws that prevent a non-competent individual from building websites for small businesses. This transposes into “web design and SEO” services being offered to small businesses by small firms with no inhouse web …

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