We bring business value by taking an ethical approach to building websites, web applications and software.

Logic Owl provides websites, web applications and web development services to nonprofits, small-medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, and corporate managers.

Our volunteer work in the nonprofit sector combined with our level of expertise in computer science, software engineering and modern software architectural standards gives us an unfair advantage over other web development companies. Our ethical and moral integrity is validated through our volunteer work. Our data integrity is validated through our education and 17 plus years experience in computer science, software engineering, and full stack web development.

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Web Development

In non-technical terms, we build websites, web applications and software. Our process follows modern software architectural and engineering standards for web development.

In technical terms, we utilize WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CSS, JavaScript and JS Frameworks for small, simple use case projects. For more complex projects, we use Laravel, PHP, and mySQL as our base. 

Web development is our focus, but our real area of expertise is computer science and mathematics, a super-class above web development. We are hopeful that by giving you this information it will allow you to better understand our capability in working with us.

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