We market our web development services by volunteering for nonprofits and giving back to society.

When freelancer web developer Michael Stratton first attempted to break into the web and software industry in 2005, he found the barrier to entry nearly insurmountable. With every failed attempt at finding work, he became more determined do improve his marketable skills in web development. During the process he found a similar pattern – flashy, fast talking sales agents were always able to diminish the view of his work and ability, regardless of their own ability to write quality code.

Brave Panda

Paying it Forward

“If they won’t pay me, I will do it for free!” Michael then decided to take a new approach – volunteering for nonprofits – to validate his ability. As a direct result of this approach, Michael suddenly found that he was consumed with volunteer opportunities and a few paying ones.

Over the course of the next 5-8 years, Michael based his client generation from volunteerism. As a volunteer web developer, he helped several dozens of nonprofits worldwide achieve their needs. Around 2010, Michael started landing larger, long term paying client opportunities, and stepped away from the volunteer focus.

In 2023, with the launch of the new company, Logic Owl, Michael hopes to re-invigorate the buzz assumed with being a company whom markets their services around volunteerism and giving back.

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